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Scenic Tours and Inner Journey Experiences Among the Red Rocks of Sedona  

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Products: Magical, Mystical Sedona - Book, Journey into Light, Gene Falk's famous video into crystals, Sedona Sacred audio tape by Bill Thomason

Our Tour Guides will facilitate your Sedona Experience as you:

  • Connect Deeply with the heart and energy of this special land

  • Learn about the natural history, including the geology, plant and animal life and Native and pioneer histories of the people who have been drawn here through time

  • See the best sites (the ones you are not likely to find on your own)

  • Find out why photographers and cinematographers have loved to photograph this special place

  • Discover Native American perspectives, orientations to being on the land, and ceremonies

  • Feel the incredible healing potential and energy

  • Have a personal, more meaningful experience that will allow you to release the stresses of everyday life and reconnect to your own source

Sedona Experiences can also assist you with:

  • Art, photography, and shopping

  • Seminars and workshops

  • Body work

  • Nutritional consultation

  • Personal change coaching

  • Readings and Energy Work

  • Sacred Sexuality workshops

  • Sweat Lodge ceremonies

  • Medicine Wheel


For your convenience, healing, pleasure, and personal growth.

(Experiences are non-U.S. Forest Service related)


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