I'm a Catholic, Italian/Polish, Jersey girl who ended up in AZ (Whaaat?--another podcast!)

I call myself a singer, actress and writer but mostly I was a church musician

and then I ended up getting fired by a priest (Thankfully...but that's another story!), 

and then I wrote a play and was performing it--until Covid (well then, you know...)

With all that extra time at home,

I reconnected to my life-long (and somewhat hidden interest) in everything metaphysical--

a spirituality that was bigger than an institutional church. 

Here I am living in SEDONA--famous for its varied spiritual offerings!

But when one of our Airbnb guests asked, "Who is a good psychic?,"

I didn't have an answer. 

Why didn't I have an answer?

Comfortable in both worlds, 

why couldn't I explore this world of transcendent spirituality,

while serving as a bridge to it?

Evolving Consciousness is personal so the interviews with healers are intimate. 

And evolving consciousness connects us to expansiveness-- 

a wider, more encompassing platform was needed,

so a video podcast 

and Sedonafy was born!  

How Sedonafy was born

                                                                                          wrote her first poem and her first song at the age                                                   of eight and planned a liturgy by the age of twelve.  By the time she                                                            graduated grammar school she had already received numerous writing,                                                        and community service awards. 

excelled in music in high school where she found her voice on stage                                                     in select choirs, musicals and in dramatic performances.  Her voice also                                                       found expression in poetry and short stories published in high school and                                                   in university literary magazines.   

A graduate of the Hartt School of Music, Teri is a certified teacher and has taught voice privately for many years.  She played Anita in West Side Story, and in both the Poconos and at the John Harms Theatre she starred as Maria in The Sound of Music and Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof at Playhouse on the Mall, among many other leading roles.  Her musical diversity is reflected in having performed the national anthem for the NJ Devils Hockey team, being a company member of Light Opera of Manhattan as well as performing in numerous cabarets in NYC's most iconic clubs.  More recently, her starring roles include The Witch in Into the Woods and Jenny in Neil Simon's Chapter Two, where she played opposite her husband, Dr. Bob Bays, himself a professional Broadway actor.  

Her entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in the seasonal business she started at twenty-two, called Strolling Quartet Carolers which provided Christmas carolers for department stores and malls in the NY tri-state area.  Teri has recorded two CDs: Spark of Creation and Sacred Songs, Sacred Space.  Her intimate memoir, Through Stained Glass: The priests of my life was an Eric Hoffer finalist and explored spirituality from the perspective of a Catholic woman negotiating through the sometimes murky waters of a changing church in a changing world.  Teri was a featured presenter for the national Call to Action conference on this topic of a changing church and world.  

Following Cokie Roberts and Maria Shriver as guests for the Joan D. Chittister Lecture Series, Teri Bays performed her play Joan Chittister: Her story, my story, our story.
www.JoanChittisterThePlay.comThis play about the intersecting lives of women overcoming adversity, domestic abuse and injustice, was also selected for NYC's United Solo Festival. 

Teri plays the piano, guitar and organ and did so for decades while conducting church choirs as
 music and liturgy director.  Not limited to musical pursuits, she designed an Archangel patio, organized and facilitated Perspectives of Peace and Justice and participated in the planning and music of numerous community events, women retreats, blessing rites, faith-sharing and intentional prayer groups--most often with themes around women, justice and peace. 

Teri studied metaphysics and parapsychology, and work of the Rosicrucians, was a member of the Association for Research & Enlightenment and walked over hot coals. Currently she is continuing her study in another metaphysical school.  Teri is certified in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Vedic Astrology and End-of-Life coaching.  In much the same way that Teri could easily hear blocks in the voice and body when working with voice students, as a spiritual-life coach she can identify areas that are stuck and blocked and how they can be made free. 

Teri's blog, Pasta, Presence and a Parrot: Discovering the Spirit of God in everyday things
 can be found through www.TeriBays.com. Her other interests include meditation, chanting, aromatherapy, photography, cooking, baking, designing and painting.  Teri's varied life is a reflection of her ongoing spiritual path, embodying the fullness of being through song, writing, acting, directing, teaching and creating. 

As host of the spiritual video podcast, Sedonafy, Teri welcomes her guests and audience with grace and enthusiasm, connecting us to one another.  For Teri, Sedonafy becomes a vehicle to explore wholeness and healing, perhaps as a bridge to new possibilities, but certainly and always to the Source of our true nature.

Teri Bays





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