It's hard to say when or how the idea for this business, this website entered my mind. There were definitely stages that brought about Sedona Experiences. I use the word "Inspiration" for this blog because however it came into my head, it felt like it originated from some place outside of myself. With the ordinary, uninspired things of life: laundry, cleaning, errands--I can choose to do them or not. Inspired ideas require action, demand action. Because they are not ordinary, because some part of you is aware that the idea is a gift, there is a responsibility to move forward. THAT is how this website/podcast came to be. The energy was present to do the things needed to make it happen. Sometimes-- often, words and ideas flowed easily; other times when pushing and resistance was involved--well, then it became messy. Messy in this instance could be: I had to switch the hosting site for the website and re-do ALL of the information, or finding myself on hold with various agents from a variety of platforms to resolve a variety of technical issues. Sometimes it wasn't pretty. But always it was a sign to breathe, to assess, to change course, to take time and even do nothing. The path between inspiration and manifestation takes its own time, and can also be inspired.

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